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Image by James Eades

June 18, 2020

I am so extremely honored to have contributed to this toolkit for organizing in solidarity with Black lives. Today is Juneteenth, a day we celebrate a victory for human freedoms. We are hoping to inspire and guide you all through organizing for July 4, 2020 for Black lives as we celebrate the US Independence Day for political freedoms we must also stand with political prisoners who remain in these inhumane conditions, elders at risk of contracting COVID-19, those such as members of the Black Panther Party. We are blessed to have alive and free activists from that era such as Angela Davis. In the coming days I will work to get this toolkit out to you all in Spanish and this brilliant team of contributors is thinking of how we can make this more accessible through other medias such audio.

Over the next two weeks organize, share widely, discuss, provide feedback, ask questions, make art, we keep us safe and we make this accessible.

Here is a shareable link to the PDF! Please share widely!

Thank you Jamerson for teaching me about anti oppression approaches to mental health and for including me in this effort



November 11, 2019

Check out our interview with @businesstalkradio1 from 11/5! Their current segments are about wellness, mental health, and spirituality. We are so honored to be on the map with other healers and Trail Blazers for wellness! #radio #botanica #healing #business #businesstalk #sanfrancisco #interview #bayarea #magia #energy #magic #energia #brujalyfe #botanica #mentalhealth #

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